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EU residence permit

For many foreigners the acquisition of EU residence permit is a pressing issue. Residence permit allows free (visa-free) movement in all countries of the Schengen Agreement, the right to work in Latvia, free schooling in Latvia (in Russian) and the right to execute visa invitations for relatives.


Existing migration legislation provides the following grounds for the acquisition of a temporary residence permit:


Implementation of financial investment in the form of subordinated capital in the credit institution of the Republic of Latvia for an amount of at least 280 000 EUR and for a period of not less than 5 years


Acquisition of immovable property in the territory of the Republic of Latvia for an amount of at least 250 000 EUR


AS "Meridian Trade Bank" offers the following services related to the acquisition of the residence permit:


  • Advice on migration legislation of Latvia
  • Assistance in choosing the best option for commercial use of the real estate
  • Organizational support at the early stage, assistance with hotel reservation in Latvia
  • Preparation of the necessary migration documentation
  • Personal escorting during the submission of documents to the Department of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of the Republic of Latvia in the city of Riga, provision of the translation services from Latvian to Russian language, organizational support and preparation of the medical certificate (in Riga) and the health insurance policy.
  • Advice on the real estate market of Latvia
  • Informing of Client about the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union in the field of prevention of the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means, and corresponding requirements of the Bank
  • Preparation/agreement of terms and conditions of transactions account
  • Preparation of documents for the annual confirmation of residency
  • Execution of functions of the client's legal representative in the Republic of Latvia
  • Supervision of the property during the absence of the owner in the territory of Latvia
  • Monitoring of the servicing company activities
  • Other services and activities in favor of the Client required on a case-by-case basis


Temporary residence permit can be obtained by investors and their family members - spouses, minor children and persons, who are in the care of the investor.


The duration of temporary residence permit preparation - from one to three months.


Initially the residence permit shall be issued in consular offices outside the Republic of Latvia for a period of 1 to 5 years (depending on the reasons for acquisition). After five years you can get permanent residence permit.


Latvia is beneficially located on the border of CIS and Western Europe countries. In the north it borders with Estonia, in the east with Russia, in the south with Belarus and Lithuania, and in the West it is washed by the Baltic Sea, which gives direct access to the Scandinavian countries. Flying on an airplane, for example from Riga to Moscow, Kiev or Berlin, takes only an hour and a half. So if the issues will require your immediate presence in any part of Europe, you can be there within 24 hours.



A temporary residence permit for 5 years allows the stay on the territory of Latvia without limiting the minimum and maximum periods, and also allows the stay in Schengen countries for a period of not more than 90 days during 6 months.


Existing migration legislation of the Republic of Latvia requires the annual confirmation of temporary residence permit for the purpose of checking the compliance with the investment requirements by the foreigner, according to which he received the corresponding residence permit.


AS "Meridian Trade Bank" offers special "GUEST SET" for customers of the Bank - individuals, non-residents, who have a residence permit in Latvia.  


AS "Meridian Trade Bank" is ready to advise Clients and support in obtaining the EU residence permit.


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