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Shares and stock options

The Bank offers brokerage services at all the world's largest stock exchanges.


  • Single account for all financial instruments
  • Internet trading services
  • Flexible tariffs
  • Shares storage services
  • Corporate events
  • Analytics


Various types of the brokerage services are available to the Customer:


  • Brokerage services by phone



With the help of intermediary brokers the Bank provides access to more than 40 stock exchanges of the world:


  • ASE: Athens Stock Exchange
  • ASX: Australian Securities Exchange
  • BATS: Better Alternative Trading System Chi-X Europe
  • BITS: Borsa Istanbul
  • BM: Bolsa de Madrid
  • DSE: Dusseldorf Stock Exchange
  • EURONEXT: Euronext Amsterdam
  • EURONEXT: Euronext Brussels
  • EURONEXT: Euronext Ireland
  • EURONEXT: Euronext Lisboa
  • EURONEXT: Euronext Paris
  • FWB: Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • HKEX: Hong Kong Exchange
  • HSX: Ho Chi Minh Exchange
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • LSE: London Stock Exchange
  • LSEAIM: London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market
  • LSEIOB: London Stock Exchange International Order Book
  • MICEX: Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
  • MIL: Milan Stock Exchange
  • MSE: Malta Stock Exchange
  • NASDAQ: National Association of securities Dealers Automated Quotations
  • NOMX: Nordic OMX
  • NYSE AMEX: American Stock Exchange
  • NYSE ARCA: Archipelago Exchange
  • NYSE: New York Stock Exchange
  • OMXC: Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • OMXH: Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • OSE: Oslo Stock Exchange
  • OTCBB: Over- The- Counter Bulletin Board
  • OTCMKTS: Over- The- Counter Markets
  • SET: Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • SGX: Singapore Exchange
  • SIX: Swiss Exchange
  • SOMX: Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • TMX: Toronto Stock Exchange
  • TSE: Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • TWSE: Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • VSE: Vienna Stock Exchange
  • WSE: Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • XETRA: Exchange Electronic Trading


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