About changes in membership of MTB Council

[ 02.05.2019 ]

The vice chairman of the council of the joint stock company Meridian Trade Bank (hereinafter – MTB) Goča Tutberidze has resigned from the position of a council member. This decision has been taken due to the increased volume of work in the subsidiary company of MTB – the joint stock company MTB Finance, in which Goča Tutberidze performs duties of the council chairman and results of performance of which are of utmost significance for the further activity and development of MTB concern. 


Goča Tutberidze has performed duties of the vice chairman of MTB council since January 2019, when the team of highly qualified specialists headed by Jurijs Adamovičs and Solvita Deglava began its work in the bank. The main goal of the new management is to restructure MTB and to transform it into a strong and reliable niche player.   

The changes in the membership of MTB Council are registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on 2nd of May 2019.

In accordance with the existing statutory regulations, MTB has started the process of re-electing the council of the bank. 



About the company:

The joint stock company Meridian Trade Bank is a universal commercial bank with Latvian capital, which has been operating in financial market already since the year of 1994 and which has a personnel of over 200 professional employees.


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